United States Citizen Gun Rights Progress
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United States Citizen Gun Rights Progress

Changing laws have affected United States citizens in the way weapons are carried and permitted to be owned too. Many states are limiting the kinds of guns any person can own through legislation. One piece of legislation is the UN Trade Treaty now being tabled for the United States and other countries to review the contents to determine if they will sign that into law.

The second amendment to the Constitution provides Americans with the right to bear arms. In years past with presidential assassinations and other officials being assaulted with a firearm, the gun grabbers have been out to curtail that right.  Laws such as the Brady Bill exemplifies the mandated laws as a result of just one gun related incident. Many laws have been implemented in many states to outlaw the possession of specific weapons and forbid concealed carry abilities for some citizens in other restricted United States.

Just as many committees, organizations and clubs have fought with legal tools to keep the second amendment intact so far. As recently as July 27, 2012 a UN Arms trade treaty was waiting to be signed by the United States. Let it be a fact that more time to review that treaty was the reason why it was not signed. Senators listened to their constituents who related a strong message that right to bear arms was to be protected and guns should not be outlawed.

In the last four years, more people have purchased guns in record numbers. In an interview by Alex Jones on his number one alternate radio broadcast over the Internet,infowars.com, people were interviewed as the reasons why those purchases have exceeded all other years.

When there is a fear a gun might not be permitted to be purchased, even the usual non gun owner contemplates owning a weapon to defend himself and his family. Thousands of Americans in all fifty states show an enormous response that people are uncertain about many government paths, United States has taken regarding personal protection of property and life by officials.

The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) was stated during the interview of guests on Alex Jones show as a need for an individual to provide their own protection of personal property and lives under that roof. At the time of the writing of this article the DOD (Department of Defense) will be given an expanded investment review process of the NDAA which will be finally determined on October 2012. The NDAA was signed by the Obama administration in January 2011. The nine page document referred to here can be read in full using the link below.

Grassroots organizations have dug in their heels to notify members and interested people about the journey of the gun rights being scrutinized by executive branch of the American Republic. Getting past the legal language does not make these documents transparent to the general public, which forces United States citizens to trust their voices in government; Congress. Personal research is still necessary to contact local officials to fully explain and answer questions of citizens who have gun rights concerns or other individual interests in national and personal security.





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Comments (9)

So sad that people feel the need  to own a gun in the first place, what a shame that a "free" nation has people in it that live in fear and feel they must own a gun for whatever reason.

I would rather live in a place where people had the right to own a gun but nobody had any reason to do so.

The right to bear arms is seriously outdated. I mean that was borne in the times of the civil war. These are modern times and it is frequent we hear news of gun carnage in the U.S

This is a very important piece of work, Roberta.  Excellent work.

Peter is right. When the second Amendment was written the world was a different place. America faced threats from every direction and needed to mobilize militia at short notice should the need arise. For that reason every able man was reqiured to own some sort of weapon, or firearm if possible, and that was also the case in Europe, where Napoleon threatened to dominate. Nowadays we have vast, and well equipped, armies to do that for us, so it doesn't really apply.

Good article and a great topic Roberta.     

Well done Roberta!

Great discussion here again Roberta.

This is a great discussion, indeed. I personally feel no one should be authorized to have guns and I agree with our friend Peter Bilton's answer. I'm afraid that in the 21th century people still have to learn how to live in peace. A very interesting discussion, Roberta. Thank you for opening the debate. 

A very good article which is certain to incite many a passionate comment.

A great article Roberta, that is especially of interest with the Obama administrations recent executive orders to ban \"assault weapons\"...aka guns. It is interesting you wrote this article 7 months ago but it  was 2 months ago after the Newtown shootings that Obama had his reason to push hard on the gun control issue.  Problem is the wrong people are being controlled, the good citizens of the U.S. Obama wants to be \"world\" leader and he is willing to kiss the U.N.\'s but to get what he wants and make out to people he is looking out for their best interests.Voted up!