U. S. A. PATRIOT Act Facts Uncovered
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U. S. A. PATRIOT Act Facts Uncovered

U. S. A. PATRIOT Act changed the American government forever. Facts about that executive law and the contents are highlighted in this composition for better understanding for Americans and interested individuals in other countries.

The reason why the PATRIOT Act was written with all capitals is because each letter means something. This is not just a United States law with that word for a patriotic flair. The words Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act is what the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act stands for in detail.

Former President George W. Bush signed this into law in 2001 in less than two months after the Twin Towers event occurred in New York City, New York. The United States 107th Congress enacted public law 107-56 on October 26,2001 initiating world wide statements from the oval office with this law.  In May 2011 Obama extended the Patriot Act for four more years.

As the Patriot Act reveals more to everyone, the New World Order becomes increasingly more clear to those without rose colored glasses in place. This government act has and will continue to affect the world.

Even the Patriot Act, in the written document, states that the name can be referred to by just USA Patriot Act. The entire act can be read using the link below,but unless several hours are devoted, the ten titles cannot be covered in a short time. These facts are uncovered for anyone with interest in American government purpose of this act.

Government acts are made law because of situations.Several people listed here believe that 911 happened differently than reported by mainstream media on that fateful, life changing day on September 11, 2001. Former Governor; Jesse Ventura, Radio, talk show host and investigative reporter; Alex Jones, Professor Steven E. Jones, Paul O'Neil, some eye witnesses; remaining nameless (for their protection), many deceased first responders, interviewed people who later fell victim to unusual deaths and a newly formed committee are among the numerous credible people doubting the acts happened as reported.

No matter which conclusion is accepted, the Patriot act remains to control, change and restrict American life as never before September 11, 2001 activities happened. Some law enforcement actions are given more breadth because of the Patriot Act while citizens and visitors alike are scrutinized in many areas.

The long standing ability to simply deposit funds into accounts at will, then add a name or include other data to that account are in the past. Most traditional banks investigate clients as if they consort in terrorist actions requiring two or three forms of physical identification and then actually call to validate a person who is being added to a simple checking account.

Extensive personal privacy has been taken from the average American through wiretapping, concealed camera placement, restricted Internet privacy, TSA searches and scrutinized citizen behavior. Far beyond the individual's awareness, the Patriot Act has removed many freedoms from parents, teachers, local law enforcement officials elected by the people, businesses and ordinary organizations. It is interesting to ask these people how this law has affected them and their daily life.

The Patriot Act has affected the American economy both in the private sector and industrial communities. Just in following this act, monetary changes have been made in airplanes, airports, banks, schools, small and large businesses both in cities and rural America.





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Comments (15)

Expert breakdown of a controversial law. We have equivalents in Britain.

Informative one! Voted!

Excellent job on this well researched and informative article.

Thank you for this informative article. Until now I had no knowledge about the USA Patriot Act other than in name only.

Ranked #12 in General Law

Roberta, this is a very well written piece. Although you never came right out a stated your position on the U.S.A. PATRIOT Act, one could infer from your statement, "As the Patriot Act reveals more to everyone, the New World Order becomes increasingly more clear to those without rose colored glasses in place. This government act has and will continue to affect the world," that you are against the way this law is worded and the powers that it gives law enforcement agencies--both local, state, and federal. If that be the case, I find myself in total disagreement with you for the first time since I have known you and I am not wearing "Rose Colored Glasses. If you wish to call me a hawk, a militarist, you may and I will take it as a compliment. I did vote for this article, Roberta, simply because it was well written and not because of its content.

Ranked #1 in General Law

Quite informative.Thanks.

Generally speaking if Bush's name is attached... you know it is suspect of being a bad thing for individuals and serves only to protect those in power and to give them more power. Every day I am flabbergasted by those who defend him. They need to open their eyes and remove their glasses and stop drinking the kool aid.

Excellent information to surely vote up .

I've always been curious about this! Thanks for laying it out like this :)

Ranked #35 in General Law

very interesting thanks so much

I am not very particular about General Law but this sure is a well written composition.

Excellent work . . . .

A brilliant and very informative article. Thank you for such an interesting and entertaining read.

interesting facts

Thought provoking, thanks Roberta!