Pledged California Voter Rights
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Pledged California Voter Rights

Casting in one's vote is a contribution to politics in California no citizen doubts they can take the opportunity to make. The Voter Bill of Rights guarantees nothing will stop a citizen from casting a ballot that is as good as the citizen's word. Californians' choices always are honored. Guaranteed.

Saying yes or no to the questions on who is the right person for political office and the laws citizens will live by is an act California citizens all have to do to participate in politics. The Secretary of State tells voters they have a bill of rights that guarantees citizens can hand in a worthy vote.

No Californian has to doubt they will check their ballot choices and cast a vote counted in the public choice. There are seven rights in the ten in the state Voter Bill of Rights that guarantee an opportunity taken to make a vote stand proves a genuine public act that resolves the question on the choices a citizen freely makes.

1. Joining the political showing of choices officially depends on the right to cast a ballot that every California voter can loyally keep hope in. The right is held by all registered voters who are residents in the state and 18 years old or older. At each election, there is an opportunity for these valid voters to offer their choices.

2. A Californian's message will be heard even if their name is not listed on the voting rolls. There is a right to cast a provisional ballot.  Even newly registered voters who show the identification or documents the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) says they have to show to prove they are a citizen who can cast a first vote can cast the provisional ballot without an identification or a document. The registrar will take the proof at a later time.

3. No poll worker will refuse to take a ballot vote from a citizen at the polling place before the polls close. A Californian at the polling place has a right to vote.

4. Voters who vote by mail have a right to return a completed ballot to any precinct in the county. A walk in the community is the typical opportunity Californians can take to cast a vote. Citizens who send in the vote by mail also can count on nothing standing in the way of a convenient submission of a ballot.

5. Every voter is respected and their vote is secure. Californians can take a stand and offer their choices to get counted without concern on the approval of fellow citizens. The choices made in confidence by a citizen guaranteed the right to cast a secret ballot free from intimidation will not be revealed to the public.

6. Knowing the difference between a right choice and a wrong choice is never a blind judgment. The ballot is reading matter every citizen has the opportunity to learn by heart. In precincts with enough residents who speak another language to justify printing ballots in the language, the government publishes ballots dedicated just to these citizens who have the right to election materials in their language.

7. Californians can trust the opportunity to cast their true ballot will not get taken away. A citizen who believes after voting a mistake was made can take a new ballot to use to cast a true ballot. Voters who vote by mail have until the time the polls close on election day to return the spoiled ballot to an election official and take a new one to cast.  


California Secretary of State, Voter Bill of Rights.

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