Netlawman vs. FindLegalForms and RocketLawyer: Online Legal Forms Review on Price and Ease of Use
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Netlawman vs. FindLegalForms and RocketLawyer: Online Legal Forms Review on Price and Ease of Use

In this report

Buying and downloading genuine legal documents on the web is becoming more and more popular. It can save you time, as forms can be downloaded instantly, anytime and anywhere. It saves you a visit to your attorney/solicitor and this in turn may prevent you from needing to take time off work. The bottom line, of course, is that it saves you money. Most legal forms sourced online will have easy-to-follow instructions, written in plain English and a pre-filled sample form for your reference. Some online legal form companies take this a step further and offer great customer support, additional drafting of nearly any kind of document you may require to your particular specification and a wealth of other free resources, such as lists of Magistrates/Crown/County courts, laws and other related articles. The documents available vary somewhat from site to site, but wills, power of attorney's, affiliate and partner agreements, amongst others are quite easy to find.  

If time is of the essence, this is an excellent alternative to lengthy, not to mention costly visits to a legal bureau. You can work at a time which suits you, be it evening or weekend and from the comfort of your own home. This kind of service is growing in popularity because it is fast, simple and very cost effective. 

#1 - RocketLawyer

RocketLawyer is bar far the most popular of these three websites and with good reason. They offer excellent customer service support which is open 6.00am - 6.00pm PST. They have a great subscription service which incorporates unlimited downloads of legal documents from just $19.95 a month and there are literally thousands and thousands of documents to choose from.

RocketLawyer has lots of free legal resources, such as their own blog, articles and help centres. There is a great choice of free documents that may be downloaded and completed on their website and for simple legal transactions completed online; it would be hard to find a better company. Their free e-signature service allows you to sign your documents electronically, at the touch of a button and simplifies the process even further.

Having said that, a downside of using RocketLaywer is that they seem to concentrate on their subscribers, not really offering a one-off document service. Considering the amount of free legal documents they have, this can almost be overlooked. There is also no refund policy, so you will need to use your free trial period carefully to make sure this is the right choice for you. Live counsel by an attorney is offered, if needed.

What you do need to remember, however, is that the validity of documents can vary from state to state in the USA and RocketLawyer does not offer legal advice. You will need to do your homework on your own state law to make sure that your document isn't rendered invalid. 

The services RocketLaywer offer are for residents of the U.S.A. only.

RocketLawyer offers a full and comprehensive legal document preparation service. They make the service user friendly for users of all descriptions, be they beginners or experts. If you are going to use RocketLaywer often, the $19.95 subscriber fee is excellent value for money.

#2 - Net Law Man

NetLawMan is the largest supplier of legal documents that can be bought and downloaded on the web. They have a number of countries which their documents support including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland and India. They aim to launch in many more countries shortly. Five minutes free legal e-support per document purchased is offered and email support is readily available.

Netlawman have a wealth of free resources you can use such as free articles, Acts of Parliament, lists of Courts to apply to, blogs and a newsletter for your convenience. Another great feature of their website is that if you cannot find the document you are looking for you can use their document drafting service, which can be used for almost any new legal document. The service is fast, simple and low-cost. Netlawman offer legal documents for individual purchase and for most people, this will work out far cheaper than a yearly subscription service. 

Although Netlawman is essentially a do-it-yourself operation, they simplify the process by providing plain English guidance notes with each form and an already pre-filled example template. Advice will be given with your form on where to send it, once it has been completed, and what accompanying forms and fees will need to be included. Most of their forms are provided in word processor friendly format, so all of your data can be saved on your computer if you wish.

They have a panel of solicitors you can use for additional help and an estimate of the cost of your work will be emailed to you.

Netlawman enables even the beginner to complete their own legal forms with expert advice and the reassurance of professional support if needed.

#3 - FindLegalForms

FindLegalForms customer service isn't as comprehensive as that of its rival, RocketLawyer. They are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm PST. What is an excellent customer service benefit, though, is their toll free number. They have a database of over 15,000 forms for you to utilise, which also include a variety of international and Spanish legal documents. Their forms are state specific and all documents are kept up-to-date. You will be able to find forms for a number of countries here, including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and India.

It has a very good legal advice link which enables you to ask a free legal question, which an attorney will answer within 5 days. There is also a very useful set of video tutorial links providing step-by-step instructions. If you are not happy with their service, they will offer you a full refund. One-off purchases are clearly priced and it makes for a much simpler option if you only require the one form. 

A downside of FindLegalForms is that there is no legal document preparation service, which means that unless you are comfortable with the do-it-yourself legal forms, legal speak and legal concepts, this may not be the right choice for you.

Unfortunately no live counsel or e-signature services are offered. FindLegalForms subscription service seems to be considerably more expensive than that of RocketLawyer's and starts at $49.95 per month.

The Bottom Line

For ease of use of their website, RocketLawyer wins hands down. Their question and answer service provides an easy to complete legal form and their legal document preparation service makes sure that even a beginner won't have difficulties with completing and filing their forms. Their website is easy to navigate and if you have many legal needs and requirements, their subscription service and legal resources are especially good value for money. This service is only of use if you live in the USA though.

Netlawman offer an impressive choice of documents and an impressive number of countries which can use their service. They are suitable for use by novices and experts alike. Whilst the customer service of RocketLawyer surpasses that of Netlawman, the additional free services they offer are a great feature. The additional legal work, available at an additional charge, is very impressive and the cost of both legal work and downloading legal documents is very reasonable.

FindLegalForms has an excellent choice of documents, which can be purchased on a one-off or subscription basis. They have a better choice of international documents than that of RocketLawyer. With regards to subscription services, however, Rocketlaywer is better value for money. The legal advice link offering you the ability to pose a free legal question is an excellent perk. Unfortunately FindLegalForms isn't a good choice for a novice customer due to the do-it-yourself nature of the forms and the complex legal speak some of the forms contain. 

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Comments (5)

As usual, comprehensive and well researched review.Thanks Ann

Ranked #17 in General Law

Another well researched comparison and review. Keep them coming Ann.

Extremely well done article. Law has always interested me so I enjoyed reading this a lot. Good review info.voted up.

Another perfect piece of work.


Great overview of these kind of document sites, but still very dangerous to use these kind of forms because of how general they are. They do not account the nuances of location (beyond a state) or industry (for a business) which can have major implications. Their "attorneys" are not exactly experienced practitioners. Have seen many people have to redo their documents that use one of these services which turns out to be $$$$$$ to fix.