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Laws We Should Have but Probably Never Will

Laws we should have, but probably never will.

We have laws that state a waitress can refuse to serve liquor to a pregnant woman. Waitresses are also obligated to refuse additional liquor service to very inebriated people. How come there are no laws allowing, or enforcing, that waitresses be allowed to refuse to sell food to obese individuals? How come there are no laws for child abuse when parents allow their kids to eat so much they become obese?

How come people can drive to a bar, drink, and then get arrested for driving home? In some cases if a person drives drunk the place who allowed them to drive is found guilty too. So would it not be better to just eliminate parking areas around bars? Or better yet build the parking area in such a way that drivers have to cross a 6 foot long, 6 inch wide plank, to get to their cars in the parking area before driving away. We probably won't see laws for that anytime soon.

How come (and I am sure you have heard this one before) you need a license to drive a car, but anyone can have kids? That's right I advocate some kind of test before a person can reproduce. They should be able to spell words like “Sacrifice”, “Patience”, and “Discipline” (using all the actual letters, not short cuts as when texting), and know what the words mean. They should be able to afford to care for the kids they have.

We have ethics whereby people spay or neuter their pets so as to try to control pet overpopulation, but even though the United Nations themselves have warned about human overpopulation, very little is done. In China, where there is a one-child per family policy, the value of girls would be greatly improved if the law were to state that the male joined the female's family. After all, with women now so hard to come by, and so many single men, this wouldn't be hard to enforce.

Speaking of men and women, some countries have legalized prostitution. Good idea! Legalize it, tax it, and most of all, regulate it. Age checks, health checks, and pay checks. The women would be safer and ultimately so would the men.

Sure these laws would be political suicide to any who would voice them, but in the long run, wouldn't we all be better for it?

Other laws we could consider:

  • It should be illegal to work on your birthday.
  • Employers should be subject to a review by employees every 3 months and those who fail should have to step aside.
  • Women who use abortion repeatedly as birth control should have their tubes tied.
  • Governments should not offer financial support to people who keep having kids while living off the system.
  • Laws about how much perfume/cologne a person can wear in public are just as valid as no-smoking laws.
  • Women should be allowed to go topless on hot days, or fat men should be made to cover up.
  • Christians (and anyone else who follows a religion where Greed is considered a sin, or gambling is considered wrong) should not be allowed to play the lottery, enter reality television shows, or play on game shows, where the top prize is anything over $10,000 US.
  • Veterinary care for pets should be a tax write off.
  • Daycares should not accept young babies; if a person cannot raise their own baby, they shouldn't be allowed to have one.
  • Maternity leave should be at least 2 years long.
  • Cars should be made so they can only go ten kilometers over the speed limit.
  • Prisons should be more like schools, and schools should be less like prisons. 
  • Cities should allow people to keep 2-4 free range hens as pets and for healthy egg production.  This would save everyone money and reduce the number of birds suffering in battery cages.
  • The Internet should be free!

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Comments (18)

some interesting idea for laws.

Very interesting ideas - I have actually never heard of keeping hens as pets but it really does sound like a great idea.

Interesting thoughts. And, as with everything---we all have our own opinions and ideas! :-}


i dont agree with alot stated on this page. i think its a bunch of crap. to state your opinions and make a web site based on it you should probly have a brain! just because a person has a baby and puts it in daycare doesnt mean they cant raise it. it means they have a job and a family to support. not everyone is lucky enough to be a stay at home parent. another thing is that christians can gamble, play the lotery and be on a game show. why would ther be a law about that. most christians dont like to gamble but if they do thats between them and god. having fun and being greedy are to different things. if its not excessive then i dont see a proble with it.

some of the other things are so ridiculous!

Veronica you crack me up, most websites are made of opinions based on a persons view of facts. If one person wrote a site about ANTS, somebody else would come along and call it an OPINION because they have a different view of ANTS... You say I should have a brain, and yet your post is riddled with spelling errors. Gambling for money (wealth) is not allowed in the Christian faith. Drawing straws, (lots) as in deciding which person gets to decide what show to watch.. is allowed. About families and kids MOST families CAN afford to have one parent stay home and raise the children.. they just have decided that they want to have more money for other things. I know because when my first husband was alive he worked at a minimum wage job, we lived cheaply because a childs most formative years are 0-6. I stayed at home. Not saying I did a perfect job, but my sister works in child welfare and when in University they were told that kids coming through day care systems at a young age have more bonding issues later in life. If a person wants to they CAN have one parent stay home.. sadly many families would rather have luxury items, 2 cars.. cable tv.. Internet.. and so they work more to have those things. Please do not be so defensive. Nobody said you had to agree with everything you see. Relax and be happy.

I like your article due to the fact that you stated so many controversial ideas that other people would be afraid to voice. It's very admirable. Some of your ideas gave me a laugh, some had me agreeing with you; every single one came across as well thought out, like each was given due consideration. Very well done. The point of one parent staying at home... That's probably the only one that I completely disagree with. I was actually thinking today about how afraid I am to have children, knowing that I won't be able to be with them through all of their most formative years. Many families consist of divorced parents, while others have a hard time keeping up on bills (especially when living in a big city). I wish I could say that it was always possible to prepare for children ahead of time so that money wouldn't be a concern, but it's just not. I come from a home that was poverty stricken, and my mother had to work so hard to keep us going until I was old enough to babysit and bring in some money on my own. Sometimes the ideal situation just isn't possible. With that being said, however, those problems wouldn't exist if the other laws mentioned were put into action. It's all about choices and opinions. Again, well written article.

Hi Megan, thanks for your comments. For the record, my first husband and I had one kid. He worked, I stayed home. His wage was very close to minimum wage. We lived frugally, no cable tv, no Internet... He died when my daughter was 5 years old. We had no insurance.. nothing.. I went to work, selecting a part time job, for minimum wage (SPCA). People can live on less if they really want to. Even if one parent was to work full time and the other part time...

I certainly have no doubt about that. Just about everyone could definitely live on less. My point was just that sometimes it isn't possible for one parent to stay home, especially if there only is one parent around to begin with. You have experienced some of that problem yourself. It's sad that life has to revolve around working for money, especially when life is so short that it's a tragedy to miss out on the more important things.

Well presented and all good questions. Why does a vehicle reach speeds well over our speed limits? By design or lack of, you make some very interesting observations of truth. Great article of awareness.

Ranked #1 in General Law

Ideas are good but most of them are not viable or simply impracticable or they will clash with the existing laws.The most useful idea is ' two years maternity leave'.Sometimes, the article causes ripples,but generally it is thought provoking.

Linda Wong


I believe every one should be legalized ! WOOOO ;)

Linda Wong


I believe every one should be legalized ! WOOOO ;)

Hannah Austin

If only the rest of the country could share your wisdom

All excellent points and I agree with most of them. I had to chuckle when I read about the perfume/cologne one you wrote!! LOL

Yes, great stuff and I agree with just about all of them. I am out of votes, so promoted this.

Great ideas! But then laws before being passed must undergo series of thorough studies. When found out not substantially beneficial to majority it will serve, then, most probably lawmakers themselves will never even be suggesting them at all. They do also have their own reputation to protect. They know that if these theories won’t even get that far after they propose them, they won’t even bother to waste their time. Instead they must concentrate on a more prominent case that needed their special attention.

I recognize that I am responding late to this article, but I wanted to voice my opinion and possibly have some questions clarified.

Not allowing a Christian person (who may have been born into the church and, therefore, be simply registered as a Christian, but doesn't practice the religion) to "gamble" is a direct violation of the constitution: a person cannot be forced to practice a religion.

Why should it be illegal to work on your birthday?  Some people do not care whatsoever about their birthdays.

Being obese does not abolish the need to eat.  What do you propose the guidelines would be for a waitress to determine whether an obese person really is obese?  Drunkenness and obesity are disparate.

I believe it could possibly be a good idea to make sure a family is financially able to support a child.  But any knowledge based test on "what is patience?" will do nothing.  There is often a large space between saying and doing, you could pass the "test" with "100%" just because you know it well.  This does not make a person a good mother or father.

I do, however, agree that women who often use abortion should "have their tubes tied."  But how would this be regulated?

Thank You

some of them are really rude, for instance I am a Christian and what if I wanted to play the lottery? it doesn't matter what religion you are. and for fat people having to cover up, im not saying im fat but what if someone had an illness which made them fat, in boiling days they would have to cover up and that's not fair