How to Legally Leave the USA and Live in Another Country
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How to Legally Leave the USA and Live in Another Country

How to legally leave the USA

Have you ever thought about getting out of the USA for good? Maybe to find a place to live where you are not a slave for the government and really start living? Lately I have been feeling that way quiet often. At first my husband and I thought that maybe we could sell our almost-paid-off home in Florida, buy about 20 acres in West Texas, Arkansas, or Alaska and pocket about $150,000 while I work on Saturday and Sundays as a nurse in the nearest city and live happily ever after. Lately I have been looking into other options. I speak a few different languages and I have beautiful pinewood skin, I think that I could fit in well in a 3rd world country. In order to legally leave the USA a person will need to:

1. Go to the Health department and get all immunizations.

2. Get the government forms you need to get a US Passport and start the application process. You can get a passport application at a US post office.

3. Follow the instructions on pages one and two. Print (if you downloaded) and complete page three and print (if you downloaded) and read page four. If printing, note this advice from the government: "The forms...must be printed in black print on white paper. The paper must be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, with no holes or perforations, at least medium (20 lb.) weight, and with a matte surface. Thermal paper, dye-sublimation paper, special inkjet paper, and other shiny papers are not acceptable."  What a bunch of mess!

4. Gather proof of US citizenship

5. Be prepared to prove your identity with any one of these: previous US passport, Naturalization Certificate, Certificate of Citizenship, drivers license, Government of Military ID

6. Get two photos taken. Wear your normal everyday clothing

7. Have your Social Security Card.

8. Be prepared to pay the application fee. In 2008 it was $100. I am sure that by now it is probably more.

Now that you have everything to legally leave the USA, next you need to find a place to go to and get lost. We were looking at Costa Rica but the prices might be a little too high. Another good place is Australia; it looks ok so far. There is also Panama. It is a very good idea to visit the place that you plan on moving to. Do the same as if you were going to another state. Make sure that you have things that you can bargain with such as gold and silver. We plan on turning a bit of our currency to gold and some silver.

Make sure that you have seeds and books. The future of the world is unknown and who knows if the internet will be up and running to look up information. Also make sure that you have good vitamins, great survival skills, and common sense. Also make sure that you clear your mind of all of the negative stuff that you hear about other countries. You will find that most of what you have been programmed to believe isn’t true. I know people that have successfully left the U.S. and are living a very decent lifestyle in so called third-world countries.

Do you need money to live in other countries? Yes. At first you do just as if you move to another state. Make sure that you have a skill or a trade that is needed or that you can barter with. For example, regardless of my husband's fishing lies, he is a great fisherman and he is handy and can do things. I will have a nursing degree in less than 6 months, as well as a teaching degree that I got many years ago. We have skills that are needed and we can take care of ourselves. Your money will draw interest in Belizean banks any where from 6.5% to 9.25% and it is safe regardless of what you hear or have heard. Also if you deposit at least $50,000 in Belizean Banks you can get a whole new identity and citizenship. It would be very easy to live off of the interest. In the US right now I believe it’s around 4-5% on a good day. If you are interested in leaving, just please research this for yourself and don’t be fooled by other information.

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Nice job, Peaches.

Make sure to thoroughly research have to make sure to enter under the right Visa (even if it's a Visa waiver country), otherwise you can have a host of problems trying to come back. I am now living abroad and fortunately I was told ahead of time otherwise I could not have applied for my residency & would've had to go back & get paperwork in order first if I wanted to stay legally. Some countries you can't enter under the normal tourist Visa and extend/apply for residency which is the case here in Taiwan. One great option for English speakers is the ability to teach English abroad. Many Asian countries are literally begging for teachers right now. Many schools will pay for your ticket over, handle your Visa paperwork, and some even offer housing as a job perk. Although I'm not teaching, the people I've met here who do, say it's a great way to live abroad and travel for a few years, giving them the ability to ride out the bad US economy right now. And don't just put your money in Belize banks - live there!!! It's one of the most beautiful places in the world!! I know a lot of people who live there and I think they are cracking down on deposits from non residents, but it's an excuse to relocate there! I go there every year and I'd be there except for my fiance working in the high tech world. They are offering some great retirement benefits for people 45 and over who want to move there. Great article! I highly recommend living abroad - it's the most amazing experience!

When you go to Australia you have to be aware that they are extremely fussy about bringing in food and seeds. Even when they are sealed those items are not aloud into the country. You are riskng great fines if you pack them in your case.

Or you could all come to the UK! Very good article.

Very interesting...

I wanted to live in Australia and get away from the fast paced hustle of america but i am 57 years old and read somewhere you have to be between 18-30 years old to live and work there. Such bad news for older ppl who want to leave here to find out they cannot even leave the usa. I see age discrimination even exists in other countries as well. Shouldn't matter what age you are as long as your not a burden on anothers country and you can support yourself entirely. It's the same thing here in the USA. They say there in no age discrimination but it exists everywhere in employment practicies and everyday life you just don't see it until you find yourself in that paticular situation then you realize it doe's exist's. Oh well where can one go outside of the usa without any age laws or is this pretty much the norm everywhere now days. I'd like to find a place where there is some english speaking ppl and not too much a hassle to live and work there? Probally doesn't exist but anyone know?


WOW! 57 is old at all. You're just right. I have some friends that moved to Costa Rica and they love it there. She is a nurse and he was in a planner


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This is the easy way to solve the problem, surely it will help a lot. I will check this in detail and apply it whenever i need it.

Gary Kirby

Thank You Peaches for the comment. I just saw it two months ago sorry. Well anyhow i have to go to work.



LOLOL ya have fun in those third world counties of panama, costa rica, or australia. You'll definitely need your survival skills there.

You are a bimbo