FEMA Camp Frightening Facts Uncovered
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FEMA Camp Frightening Facts Uncovered

Most laws; citizens believe will protect the people and accept government documentation labeling them as facts. FEMA camps have been in existance since 2000, yet have not been openly reported to Americans while laws actually prevent people from easily examining them. These facts uncover secrets somewhat difficult to secure.

The United States legal system wrapped up in government language can steer citizens away from reading some important laws that might someday greatly affect everyday living. FEMA camp facts are not truly hidden, however unless an individual knows where to research details and even the mainstream media is not divulging the latest information for Americans to know. Uncovering facts not widely known is the purpose of this article. What is done with these, after they are read, is a personal choice.

So what is FEMA? Federal Emergency Management Agency is a part of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today, which was created in part in 1978. The former president Jimmy Carter activated the Federal reorganization in April 1979. Shockingly the executive order signed compiled the Federal Insurance Administration, the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration, the Federal Preparedness Agency, General Services Administration, Federal Disaster Assistance Administration, the National Weather Service and even the nation's Civil Defense into FEMA.

During the Clinton and Bush administrations FEMA grew to include other responsibilities through more reorganization and executive orders. The National Dam Safety Program Act, Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act, Federal building safety,  Weapons of mass destruction, emergency food and shelter through the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act of 1987 and National Flood Insurance Program.

The reasons for absence of reporting FEMA activity might be the lack of interest of the general public, the secrecy of the laws surrounding the FEMA camps, the possible fear for the masses the news will create and a whole host of other possibilities. The author knows where to look and proposes to uncover the FEMA secrets since they are frightening, but necessary to be told.

As previously stated the legal and government language alone can be the lack of interest in what is law, what is happening, furthermore what is planned. Even the voice of the people, the congressmen,congresswomen, Senators and representatives rarely read entire proposals, amendments, senate bills and impending laws. Scanning is quite often not even done by many of these elected officials in the government, which is alarming to say the least. The first thing people are told before signing any document is to read it; including the fine print.

Special interests in an individual or company might be reason enough for the citizen's voices (Senators and Congress) not to read before they sign. Past experience with hurricane Katrina and FEMA could be a reason for unread FEMA information that comes on the senate floor too. Surprisingly, why networks are not publishing current activity about FEMA camps remain a mystery with suppositions of assorted reasons linger until those facts are known, which might never be given.

Disaster relief are the words primarily associated with FEMA which in the present day include newly constructed buildings in five designated areas around the United States. Multi millions of tax dollars have been designated for these FEMA camps. What is alarming is the barbwire atop the fence surrounding many, if not all these FEMA camps. Jesse Ventura with Alex Jones visited one of the FEMA camps which brings attention to the barbwire projectiles facing inward suggesting the purpose is to keep in what is within the confines of the secure fence. Question that frightening fact now! View the video in resources. 

To view a questionable (not labeled) FEMA camp go to Palmdale, California in the southern part of that state where a sign presuming to look like a water facility questions reasonable thoughts. The actual Palmdale Water Department across the street has barbwire pointing outward to obviously protect people from entering the area and drowning in the dangerous site. Pearblossom Operations and Maintenance Sublet Receiving Department 34534 116th Street East sign is accompanied by an entrance guard hut. Location is shocking along with railroad track access to the fenced perimeter and viewable loading docks capable of holding railroad cars. No tours are given and lingering looks are discouraged with legally posted  "State of California Trespassing loitering Forbidden By Law Section 555 California Penal Code" signs every 50 feet.

Beech Grove, Indiana FEMA camp was made public in 2006 giving close-ups of a once Amtrak facility showing footage of the under construction site. Investigation has not verified Beech Grove as a FEMA camp as reported. There are approximately 600 empty prison camps around the United States suggested to be FEMA camps. Facts prove that near Georgia Airport in 2009  there were reported massive amounts of over-sized grave liners, while in the year 2000 in a Madison Georgia field where the government agency CDC leased land from owner had placed 500,000 grave liners for storage. The 125,000 estimated count of these grave liners exists during video taping suggesting the remainder were relocated. Video and documentation can be viewed below. Phoenix, Arizona joins the list of places where these adult and child grave liners have been seen stacked. Fairbanks, Alaska is known to have a mental facility that can hold 2,000,000 people coincidentally on the FEMA camp list. Pine Bluff, North Carolina at a railroad tracks site, the video below shows where a couple photographed pictures of double decker train cars holding nothing, but prepared for human transportation.

Now the FEMA camps are determined to be located in specific areas, they are fully prepared for residents, but now need employees to make them operational. Your local CBS, MSNBC and even Fox News will not be reporting on the progress. You can check government job opportunities from http://www.fedbizopps.gov, perhaps also finding out the actions taking place in specific FEMA camps from the 964 page list on the Internet.

Be prepared to spend hours on the frightening facts that you will uncover about FEMA camps, the United States government and how the law is trying to prevent some of that investigation.




Book: The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite author: Francis Robert Thomas Hay

HR. 645 National Emergency Centers Establishment Act


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FnZLx8J4oM&feature=related  casket views




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If something is kept a secret there is usually a bad reason...

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no votes left but this article is so important, I facedbooked and twitted it

Important information! Voted up!

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FEMA was cited to be the 'secret government' on tv programs such as "The X-Files" and similar ilk, made to be more scary than it actually is. Then the myriad of missteps FEMA undertook during Hurricane Katrina sort of deflated that and made FEMA look as inept and futile as any other gov't agency...

I liked the way you presented facts.

Wow, the mental facility that will hold 2M in Fairbanks Alaska makes me think "Siberia". Now that the NDAA law exists, having been done behind the backs of many of our elected representatives, the existence of these camps just might be more clear. And now that U.S. citizens who have differing opinions from the current administration are being labeled as extremists, the camps take on a very sinister feel.

Wow, what has our government created? Voted