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The Federalism of US and the Federalism of India have a number of similarities and differences between them.However, by and large,they are successful.
Published by Rama lingam 95 months ago in General Law | +12 votes | 10 comments
Sort through the mess of online legal documents and forms sites. Compare the best legal templates sites on features and price. Find legal templates, simple & free legal documents.
Published by Jackson Brady 96 months ago in General Law | +0 votes | 0 comments
Many stores have signs saying You Break it, You Bought it, how effective are these signs, do you really have to pay for an item you broke? If I break something in a store do I really have to pay for it? Can shops make you pay for items your children break? Do customers have to pay to replace things they damage by accident?
Published by Kaleidoscope Acres 97 months ago in General Law | +5 votes | 4 comments
Peter and Pam Wright compose a comprehensive article for parents, teachers, advocates and attorneys. The purpose of which is to help lay people and professionals recognize the value of reading and understanding educational test scores.
Published by Chris Stonecipher 100 months ago in General Law | +9 votes | 5 comments
How to become a magistrate in the United Kingdom and how it can benefit you and the community.
Published by Ngozi Nwabineli 100 months ago in General Law | +27 votes | 10 comments
Litigation vs. Alternative Dispute Resolution. Learn all about Litigation vs. ADR
Published by Pat Schroeder 102 months ago in General Law | +3 votes | 0 comments
Returning the Census helps everyone in America obtain better Congressional representation and federal funding for roads, bridges, hospitals, libraries, and disaster relief.
Published by Sheila Hrabal 103 months ago in General Law | +1 votes | 0 comments
Amnesty International has branches all over the world. It was formed in 1961 to champion human rights and bring attention to breaches of international human rights laws.
Published by Louie Jerome 104 months ago in General Law | +8 votes | 2 comments
Mayday, pan pan and various other distress signals are internationally recognised. A ship's captain is legally bound to respond to them.
Published by Louie Jerome 105 months ago in General Law | +7 votes | 5 comments
In an attempt to preserve Mohawk bloodlines, Kahnawake band council are evicting non-status people from the reserve
Published by carol roach 105 months ago in General Law | +4 votes | 4 comments
The Bank Charges decisions and how its effects
Published by Ngozi Nwabineli 106 months ago in General Law | +13 votes | 0 comments
Buyer beware - read and understand all the fine print on contracts for any services that you sign.
Published by Joe Farsetta 110 months ago in General Law | +0 votes | 0 comments
In an increasingly litigious society, it can be helpful to have the help to not be a victim. Anyone who has has a ticket, is worried about ID theft, needs a will, is a business owner, is buying or renting a home or needs tax help could benefit from a legal plan.
Published by Rachel K. 113 months ago in General Law | +1 votes | 0 comments
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