2012 New Laws - Federally Enforced Legal Regulations for New Year
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2012 New Laws - Federally Enforced Legal Regulations for New Year

New 2012 laws by the federal government listed.

In 2012 new laws by the federal government are being enforced that affect the entire U.S., regardless of which state people live in. Some of the laws are good news for the country, including one that commercial airline pilots must get more rest before preparing for their next flight. Learn more about the new laws of 2012 that are federally mandated.

TV commercials must have their volume turned down to the same level as the programs they are airing on. Since this wasn't signed on until December 13, 2011, this new law isn't required to be officially followed until December 13, 2012.

Commercial pilots are required to get 10 hours of sleep instead of the usual eight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) calculated commuting time for pilots to and from the airport.

New 2012 federal laws require insurance policy summaries to be easier in determining out-of-pocket costs. Typically insurance summaries are complicated and difficult to read, so this will make it less confusing for everyone to comprehend what is on their statement!

More energy efficient light bulbs are a federal requirement at the start of 2012. The Department of Energy is prohibited from enforcing this law by the 2012 congressional spending bill until Sept 30th.  A number of light bulb makers are ready to comply with the new federal standard.

Children under age 16 will be prohibited from doing hazardous jobs on farms, including driving tractors. Children of farmers are exempt from this law.

CEOs making six and seven-figure salaries are public knowledge, but the Securities and Exchange Commission will compare their income to the median income of other company employers.

2012 is aiming to be a safer and more environmentally friendly year . Airline passengers will welcome the law of pilots getting more rest before trusting them to operate a plane while kids under the age of 16 don't have to involve themselves in dangerous farming activities.

In addition to these federal laws, each state has their own new regulations to follow each year. In Oregon, for example, it's alright to use cell phones while driving if it's work-related for first responders, utility workers, and tow and truck drivers.

In San Francisco, the minimum wage has been increased to the highest one in the nation at $10.24.

In Maine, it will be legal for the sale, use, and possession of fireworks becomes legal today on January 1, 2012, but local ordinances may ban them in several communities. Another new law is the ban of smoking in public housing.

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Comments (8)

Driving the tractor is not nearly as hazardous as letting kids "ride" on the tractor! I would like to see a law that CEO's can not make more than 5 times that of the lowest paid employee. Currently some make 10 x as much.. or more - disgusting.

Very interesting, too bad we have to wait almost a year before they turn the volume down on those annoying commercials! Happy New Year! Voted up!

Ranked #35 in General Law

it is a good start

Interesting and informative read

Nice Information. :)

Ranked #1 in General Law

It is nice and interesting to learn the federal regulations in particular about the prohibition of child labor and the increase of sleeping hours for the commercial pilots. Thanks.

Sounds like we're finally getting laws that make sense! I HATE when the commercials go up so loudly. As for the other laws, it's wonderful to know more sleep is going to be required for pilots, children are going to be restricted from dangerous jobs, etc. Thanks for the info! GOOD TO KNOW -- voted up. : )

You can try to enforce a pilot to eight ten hours a sleep, but how is that realistic. Some people's body doesn't function like that. I think our government tries to enforce law that don't make good common sense. Good to know my friend. Thank you